About Chalet
              Chalet garment company limited,located in Yiwu of China, is a specialized in seamless underwear design, development, weaving and marketing of a comprehensive modern enterprise.

            The company has the most advanced SM8-TOP2, seamless weaving equipment, such as more than 50sets, based on the world commodity market, China Yiwu unique advantage by virtue of the advanced management mode and strict quality control concept and design of industry-leading R & D capabilities to become Asia and the world's most professional manufacturers of seamless underwear.



              Chalet, from the date of birth, it is committed to doing the most comfortable underwear, seamless beauty products for men and women covered by underwear, shirt, suit and children's series, a wide range of fashionable, with a number of world-renowned brand underwear operators to establish co-operation between Europe and the United States exports, Japan, Russia, Africa and other countries and regions.Chalet also have their own brand - "CHALET", "ROSE SHOW".